Pioneer the future.

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace and digital transformation is leading the charge. Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of digital megatrends + emerging technologies around the globe and how they might be leveraged to create new value.

At Twisthink, we help organizations explore emerging innovations and align cutting-edge technologies with today and tomorrow’s digital transformation landscape.

Stay ahead of the curve.

Twisthink Innovation Programs:

  • Continuous Innovation Pipeline
  • Shared Spaces Program
Rocket fuel for digital growth

Build a continuous innovation pipeline.

You want your company’s excellence to continually stand out in the marketplace!

Through a series of reoccurring sessions focused on fresh perspectives and innovating the business process, your company’s vision and direction can be honed based on stakeholder needs, competitive and industry benchmarking, and global trends.

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Expand your thinking through Shared Spaces.

Shared Spaces is a unique experience designed to fuel creativity and inspire innovation opportunities with a clear path to action by looking across different industries and creating in the overlaps.

As industries converge, it’s more important than ever to understand trends outside of your own space. Shared Spaces aims to connect these seemingly separate industries so you and your team can gain fresh ideas and stay ahead of our connected future.

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“I absolutely love Shared Spaces – the valuable information, diverse perspectives, engaging breakouts, and thought-provoking questions, all presented professionally.”

– Nicole Groenendyk

Sr. Strategic Project Manager at Vermeer Corporation


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

Create unprecedented impact with Twisthink.
Join us at Twisthink on Thursday, June 20 from 3-5pm for an exciting cross-industry event! As we reflect on a year of tech innovation, 7 GR company leaders will share key insights, offering valuable perspectives on the progress of technology.