Building Scalable IoT Solutions for Outdoor Rugged Environments

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You’ve heard how we helped Flexco transform the mining industry, in partnership with AWS, with an AI sensor and IOT cloud connectivity. You’ve been thinking about how technology like this might apply to your work. Now it’s time to address the challenges specific to your business.

Getting started and pushing through doubt is the number-one problem we see from most companies. But once they lean in, they accelerate toward solutions they couldn’t have imagined on their own.

It’s a science – just not rocket science.

Digital transformation is rooted in a proven human-centered design process customized to solve your specific pain point. To get started we recommend diving into these three article that outline our pragmatic thinking and approach that has led us to connecting more than 100 million client devices to the cloud. Intentionally have your head in the (digital) clouds is you next strategic imperative – and advantage.



Kurt Dykema

Chief Technology Officer

Kurt is responsible for the strategic technical direction of the company, which includes keeping a pulse on IoT trends and making sure we have the right skills and processes to bring maximum value to our clients. Given the complexities of IoT, Kurt assists clients by speaking and translating between the spheres of technical feasibility and business leadership, both of which are critical to unlocking value for our clients.

Ben Rau

Cloud Lead

A natural born leader, Ben blends his time between supporting current and prospective customers with their cloud needs, while leading, developing, and growing the team and their capabilities. He believes that in technical roles, curiosity and a growth mindset is absolutely critical, and caring deeply in all aspects of life is what creates impact.

Austin Ashe

VP of Design
Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Austin is building a global ecosystem community of strategic partners that enable new channels to market, develop new AI/ML and IoT technology capabilities, and deploy solutions across multiple industries and use cases.


Bob Niemiec

Managing Partner

Bob Niemiec has been merging the science of design and the art of technology since Twisthink was founded in 2001. He and his team have helped companies such as Whirlpool, Lutron, Stryker, Herman Miller, and dozens more to connect more than 100 million devices in the marketplace to date.

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