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Twisthink Round Tables: Connecting leaders across industries for collaborative impact.

Feeling overwhelmed by the digital revolution? Struggling to keep up with your competitors in the age of AI, IoT, and Cloud?

Join us for an exclusive roundtable event designed for industry leaders like you. Collaborate and exchange ideas with like-minded peers, share your experiences, and discover practical strategies for integrating cutting-edge technologies into your business. Gain actionable insights from expert speakers and successful case studies, all in a confidential setting designed for peer-to-peer learning.

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Fill out the form to express interest in participating in an upcoming roundtable discussion.

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Experience shared learning

Connect with industry leaders who are facing similar challenges and learn from their experiences.


Benchmark with your industry peers

Expand your network and build relationships with experts who can help you succeed.


Accelerate your projects

Gain the insights and strategies you need to solve your most complex transformation projects.


Have authentic conversations

This exclusive event provides a safe space for you to seek guidance from fellow leaders who have navigated similar challenges.

“I really enjoyed riffing on possible AI application scenarios with like-minded leaders in different industries.”

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Join us at Twisthink on Thursday, June 20 from 3-5pm for an exciting cross-industry event! As we reflect on a year of tech innovation, 7 GR company leaders will share key insights, offering valuable perspectives on the progress of technology.