Innovating for employee well-being: one connected chair & desk at a time

Your office just got a lot smarter. Global design manufacturer and Twisthink client, Herman Miller, today announced Live OS, the first human-centered, enterprise-ready system of connected furnishings to enable the workplace to more deeply engage with people.

Three-years in the making, Herman Miller began the process of creating Live OS by engaging Twisthink to help explore the possibilities that the Internet of Things (IoT) could offer employees and workplace strategy. Once the concept was developed, Twisthink collaborated with a host of Herman Miller partners to design, engineer, and deliver a technology infrastructure for smart, connected furniture. Today, that cloudy vision we sketched out on a blank whiteboard becomes a reality.

Live OS is designed to benefit both the organizations who invest in it, and their employees who use it. The Live OS app enables a more personalized workplace experience, and the organizational dashboard offers data-based insights to help those who manage facilities and real estate. More than a new product announcement, this is a milestone in Herman Miller’s transformation beyond its traditional product offerings to a services provider.

Embracing our human-centered design process, we first worked with Herman Miller to gain a deeper understanding of its stakeholders. Using these insights to inform and define the initial value proposition we discovered that by simultaneously improving individual workplace experience and improving the use of space, an enterprise can improve their organizational performance.

With this clarity, our integrated team of cross-discipline experts collaborated with our friends at Herman Miller and other partners to prove technical feasibility, create an integrated infrastructure that lives outside of a customer’s I.T. network, and then tested, validated, refined and implemented the final system designed for easy deployment into the marketplace.

“Overall Twisthink has the capability to keep the business drivers and strategy in context while delivering tactical engineering development,” said Jeff Gibson, director of advanced business development at Herman Miller. “They demonstrate complete commitment to doing the right thing while partnering with other companies in a flexible, nimble way.”

To read the full story of how Twisthink partnered with Herman Miller to create Live OS, read our case study here.

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