The Reward of Overcoming Fear, Perceived Pain of IoT and Digital Transformation

Twisthink’s Co-Founder and Director of Technology, Kurt Dykema, recently had the opportunity to write for Automation Alley. This article focuses on the the perceived pain and challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT). Through our experience, we have found that the hardest part is getting started. In this article, Kurt highlights 3 steps you can do to start before the end of Q4 to move your organization toward embracing IoT to thrive in the years ahead.

“Nobody wants it, everyone tries to avoid it, and yet we’ll all succumb to it at some point. That “it” is pain. And if you’re a seasoned manufacturing company, that pain very well may be IIoT and digital transformation.

If you’ve ever picked up an exercise regimen after a period of inactivity, then you’re familiar with pain. It’s no surprise that many people quit after experiencing that kind of pain and abandon the process required to get results because of the effort required. This is actually a relevant analogy for what’s been an acute problem with business and manufacturing for years: the fear of growing pains.

Before dismissing growing pains as being solely for the youthful startup and not a well-established business, you have to acknowledge why you’re here and reading this in the first place. The assumption is that it is to grow your knowledge of Industry 4.0, your understanding of IIoT’s place in your business model and, ultimately, your bottom line.”

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Kurt will be moderating a panel in November at Integr8, the Industry 4.0 Conference, where he will discuss stories of digital transformation with three of our clients from Whirlpool, Herman Miller and Morey Corporation. Join us on November 14 in Detroit, MI to hear their challenges and perspectives, on how they discovered the right customer challenge to solve with an IoT solution and how it transformed their businesses.

Kurt is responsible for the strategic technical direction of the company, which includes keeping a pulse on IoT trends and making sure we have the right skills and processes to bring maximum value to our clients. Given the complexities of IoT, Kurt assists clients by speaking and translating between the spheres of technical feasibility and business leadership, both of which are critical to unlocking value for our clients.

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