AWS Podcast – Developing an IoT solution to keep clean water flowing

Having a clear vision about the IoT solution needed to keep clean water flowing for millions of people was a big step forward for non-profit, charity:water. Of course, the execution turned out to be challenging. Charity:water first tried collaborating with leading IoT sensor manufacturers to get existing technology tailored to its specific use case, which is monitoring hand pump functionality in real-time, across remote communities. When that didn’t work, charity:water had the gumption to try to develop the solution themselves. But the org faced frustration and stalls before finding the right partner. With AWS Partner Twisthink, charity:water found a true collaborator that recognized its core business is a vital mission.Together, they developed an IoT sensor built on AWS that allows real-time monitoring of remote wells around the world, slashing repair time by years. Listen to the podcast to hear about the development process and learn about the IoT roadmap to reshape the approach to meeting the global clean water crisis.

Check out the solution and contribute: https://github.com/charitywater/afridev2-sensor
Get help developing your own IoT solution: https://aws.amazon.com/iot/

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