Expand your capabilities
through tech scouting.

Through our Tech Scouting Service, corporations can connect to startups that have the technology they need to help enhance, compliment, and accelerate their innovation and product development efforts.

Stay competitive in an evolving technological landscape.

Innovate with purpose

We define tech scouting as the process of analyzing emerging technologies within startup communities and matching their capabilities with large corporation needs. Our tech scouts can help companies drive innovation, stay current with the latest technology trends, and compete in this fast-paced market.

Corporations can engage with our tech scouts through a one time service, or an annual activity that is done each quarter.

Our tech scouting service consists of 3 steps:

Corporation completes questionnaire on the technology or applications they are looking for
Twisthink tech scouts in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv use the questionnaire to fuel their research
Tech scouts identify startups that meet the corporation's criteria and make introductions

Explore emerging technology trends.

Powered by strategic partnerships.

Why use tech scouting within your business?


[Stay agile]

Advancements in technology are happening at a rapid pace, making partnerships more important than ever.​


[Stay competitive]

Companies need to understand the broader technology landscape and industry trends in order to compete in the market.


[Stay ahead]

Tech scouting allows you to stay ahead of the curve and tap into the cutting-edge capabilities of emerging technology.


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

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