Twisthink works with Aircuity to Build User Interface with Powerful Airside Efficiency Software

Twisthink, a product innovation and business strategy consultancy, announces the release of its latest project for Aircuity, creator of measurably better environments. The project, Aircuity 2.0, combines a new, intuitive user interface design with powerful airside efficiency software to provide actionable insights, transparency and accountability to building owners and facility managers.  The new platform will significantly reduce energy costs and improve safety and productivity, while achieving quantifiable results for smart buildings with Aircuity.

“Twisthink’s vision and strategy were an invaluable part of our success,” said JoAnn Garbin, chief innovation officer for Aircuity. “The team’s combined experience in integrating software and interaction design made them brilliant contributors to Aircuity 2.0. We are migrating our entire portfolio of over 700 installations in 17 countries to the Aircuity 2.0 platform.”

Twisthink and Aircuity credit two distinct factors in the successful development and implementation of the ambitious new platform, Aircuity 2.0:

A strategic vision built with human-centered design. Twisthink’s human-centered design (HCD) process begins with research to understand the key stakeholder’s pain points and get to the core of the challenge. For example, the team set out to develop a single tool to bring together disparate parts of the service. Through the HCD phase, it was discovered that the development of two tools, with two distinct purposes would be the most valuable solution. By investing this critical time and attention to the HCD phase, the team eliminated the need for multiple revisions and additional costs in development.

One cross-functional team working in unison. With over a decade of experience across major industries, Twisthink provided Aircuity with a cross-functional team of system architects; software developers; user interface and user experience designers; and human-centered design experts to work alongside Aircuity’s innovation team. This close-knit, integrated team enabled quick solutions to complex user experiences and functional requirements, which resulted in a faster, more complete timeline.

“The value of design in industrial and B2B industries is a differentiator with proven, measurable performance indicators, yet it is too often overlooked,” said Bob Niemiec, managing partner at Twisthink. “For Aircuity, the user interface we partnered in designing represents a distinct opportunity to deliver an interface that elegantly and simply addresses the inherent complexities of airside efficiency. Doing so makes the Aircuity platform a valuable solution for its partners and customers.”

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