Our AWS Partnership

A walk in
the clouds.

Our partnership with Amazon affords our customers even more cloud possibilities, and ensures best-in-class architectures, global scale, and accelerated deployment.

Read the Q+A with Twisthink’s Cloud Lead about how we use the cloud to enable innovation.

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How it

Many of the solutions we map out involve interacting with real-time, high-volume data—and doing it in ways that have never been done before. Our partnership brings the minds behind Amazon’s cloud network into your project’s orbit, sending it to new heights.

From monitoring equipment remotely, to keeping water flowing for millions of people, we know our AWS partnership has already had a tremendous impact, and we look forward to seeing the ideas it makes possible with your next project.

Our announcement:

Twisthink signs multi-year strategic agreement with AWS


Auris Logo

Made possible by AWS, our IoT accelerator Auris helps fast-track cloud-enabled technology while providing maximum flexibility where it counts.

The case
for AWS

For charity : water

How we used IoT and the cloud to safeguard clean water.

Leaning into our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT connectivity, we helped charity : water move beyond just building wells by designing a sensor and connected apps that monitored their wells remotely and facilitated timely maintenance.

Impact: By detecting issues before they occur and dispatching prompt repairs when necessary, water is flowing safely for an estimated 100 million people. Read more

For Flexco

Collecting data and refining it into insights, Flexco is pioneering digital sensor technology for the mining industry.

Unpredictable maintenance of cleaner blades was costly for mining operations. Flexco’s solution employs an Edge sensor to detect these belt-stopping problems before they occur, notify service teams immediately, and gauge ongoing conveyor belt health.

Impact: Flexco’s Elevate™ dramatically reduces downtime for their customers, and can be retrofitted for other market applications Read more


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