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The Twisthink and AWS collaboration enhances the combination of Twisthink’s design and technology competencies and AWS’s deep bench of edge and cloud expertise and services to bring ambitious brands a world class team to build their next connected solution. Together we will transform how companies extract, manage, and monitor data to reduce costs, generate new revenue streams, and solve difficult challenges.

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“Building Scalable IoT Solutions for Outdoor, Rugged Environments”

Connecting the power of human-centered design
and advanced technologies through a proven process

1. Immersion in the stakeholders world to gather insights and identify pain points

2. Create solutions to solve pain points, and test to determine best solution

3. Design and develop the best solutions

4. Validate and launch solution

Together we built an end-to-end IoT accelerator to create and launch your solutions in half the time

How IoT is helping provide clean drinking water to people around the world

Twisthink and AWS helped charity: water bring clean drinking water to the 785 million people in developing countries by leveraging the power of IoT. We used sensors to monitor water flow and automated insights to predict water pump failures, before they occur. Resulting in a reliable water source for all.

“How IoT Devices Keep Clean Water Flowing”

In this webinar hear how Twisthink worked with charity: water to design a cost-effective IoT pump sensor using AWS to effectively monitor the health of 7,300 water pumps in remote locations in Africa and Asia.

Case Study on IoT for Good

Together we applied IoT, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to help provide clean drinking water to the world’s poorest 3 billion people.

“Watch how Twisthink, CHARITY: WATER, and AWS Brought Clean Water to Millions”

How mining customers are saving millions by preventing conveyer belt failure through IoT

Twisthink partnered with Flexco to prevent costly, unplanned downtime and detect conveyer belt problems before they occur. By adding sensors to their products, we were able to monitor ongoing conveyer belt health, minimize downtime, extend the product lifespan, and avoid catastrophic events. All of this was made possible with AWS IoT.

“Taking the Friction out of IoT”

Hear first hand from AWS, Flexco and Twisthink about how together we used AI sensors and IOT cloud connectivity to enhance productivity for mining sites across the globe – saving mining customers millions of dollars in operations.

Case Study on IoT in Mining

Learn about the full process of developing Flexco’s first IoT platform, from research and ideation to development and product launch. And discover how we used the AWS platform to gather data from mining sites in the middle of Australia.

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