Power your future with IoT.

Unleash the transformative power of IoT with custom electronics and embedded software, tailored to your unique business needs and customer interactions.

Our expertise in custom development enables you to deliver unique user experiences, create secure and efficient solutions, and adapt to diverse environments, empowering you with new value and a competitive advantage.

Transform your vision into an intelligent, functional, and user-friendly software solution.

Connect to possibility.

Custom electronics design isn’t just about navigating the complexities of engineering; it’s about embracing them as opportunities for innovation. Whether it’s meticulously crafting a highly personalized user experience or addressing the demands of remote locations with extended battery life and durability in harsh conditions, our team thrives on using our creativity to overcome these challenges.

The benefits of custom IoT devices:

Personalized User Experiences
Extended Battery Life
Adaptable to Diverse Environments
Various Sensing (motion, light, temperature, etc.)
Seamless Integration with Existing Products

Our Maker Space.
Where mastery
comes to life.

Meet Our Team
The Maker Space includes all the necessary tools for hands-on building and prototyping.

Software that sets you apart.

Our team possesses a unique blend of skills encompassing software development and electronics circuit design, fostering a seamless synergy between these disciplines. This collaboration allows our software developers to closely engage with custom electronics while enabling our electronics engineers to actively contribute to the software architecture design, ensuring a cohesive development process.

One of our key strengths lies in our adaptability across various development platforms and processor brands. This versatility empowers us to select the most suitable options tailored to your project, ensuring optimum performance.

We take pride in our ability to swiftly deliver high-quality results. Our agility and rapid development pace never compromise the superior quality of our output. Leveraging our diverse skill set and cutting-edge tools, we efficiently transform your concepts into reality.


Case in

For Flexco

Revolutionizing Conveyer Maintenance
with Predictive Edge Devices

Flexco, an industry leader in conveyor maintenance solutions, needed to predict belt cleaner failures and eliminate costly downtime. Our custom hardware solution, featuring a 2-year battery-powered device that continuously monitors vibrations and sends predictive data to the cloud, not only met but exceeded expectations.

Impact: The predictive edge device for Flexco reduced conveyor downtime, saved costs, and set a new industry standard. Read more

For charity: water

How we used IoT and the cloud to safeguard clean water

Leaning into our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT connectivity, we helped charity : water move beyond just building wells by designing a sensor and connected apps that monitored their wells remotely and facilitated timely maintenance.

Impact: By detecting issues before they occur and dispatching prompt repairs when necessary, water is flowing safely for an estimated 100 million people. Read more

For Bissell

A completely connected robotic vaccuum, using AI to clean smarter

Building exceptional deep-cleaning vacuums is what BISSEL does. By embracing AI, the company is now developing intelligent, robotic-vacuum technology that is worthy of its storied name, and helping to propel it forward.

Impact: Effortlessly clean floors thanks to this AI-driven vacuum Read more

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“Twisthink has the capability to keep the business drivers and strategy in context while delivering tactical engineering development.”

– Jeff Gibson

Director of New Product Commercialization at Herman Miller


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