CES 2023: Twisthink’s take on the tech phenomenon

Inspiring, fascinating, visionary, and influential are only a few of the words used to describe Twisthink’s experience at CES 2023. 

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES) is the global trade show where thought leaders, industry innovators, and the world’s leading tech minds come together to showcase the latest and greatest in breakthrough technology. From top brands to aspiring startups, CES is the universal stage for the industry’s most influential innovators. Over the past 50 years, CES has grown by more than 10-fold. This year’s event, held on January 5-8 in Las Vegas, featured nearly 2,200 exhibitors with over 100,000 in attendance—including Twisthink. 

Twisthink team members Taryn Kutches, VP of Brand and Business Development, Lauren Seymour, Director of Strategy and UX, Dave Moelker, VP of Team and Operations, and Ryan Johnson, Principal Algorithm Engineer + Team Lead, made the journey across the country to join the tech phenomenon last week. As they explored new technology, networked with industry leaders, and listened to inspiring keynote speakers, they noted a central theme throughout this year’s event—a theme that motivates our team every day—creating impact. 

Identifying a clear purpose and the value it brings to people was the fundamental concept behind the innovation on display at this year’s tech show. The topic of sustainability was at center stage with a focus on connecting digital products to real human needs.

CES proved that companies who can transform their core offering with digital and apply technology in the right way are paving the way in their industries. Mobility, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial machinery are only a few of the many markets leveraging technology and embracing digital outside their core business. A prime example of this is John Deere.

As an opening keynote speaker, John May, the CEO of John Deere, inspired our team by the profound impact they’re making in the agriculture sector. Given the reduction in farming land and the growing number of people that need food, technology is a necessity to John Deere, allowing farmers to produce more with fewer resources. All-in on the value of data and automation, John Deere was the first company to create an autonomous tractor. They now have 500,000 connected machines throughout the world, which collectively covers 1/3 of the land. John Deere also developed a sophisticated computer vision + machine learning system that can identify weeds and distribute weed killer exactly where it needs to be. 

John Deere identified a problem and used the power of technology to develop a solution. They keep people at the center of their product development and this strategy is directing the company, which is having a huge impact and ultimately changing the agricultural industry. 

Cutting-edge technology was also on display within the healthcare and mobility industries.

Companies are embracing digital health and implementing AI with solutions for things like at-home care, personal diagnostics, digital treatment of chronic pain, oral health tracking, in-home eye exams, early virus detection, and much more. In addition to preventative wellness methods, numerous exhibitors showcased sleep technology that can track vitals, detect optimal temperature, etc. This technology is focused on human-centered design, aimed at improving the quality of life.  

Within the mobility industry, electrification was a popular trend. From boats and cars to bikes and scooters, it was electric—literally. However, the most notable trend in automotive were the autonomous vehicles on display. Through the genericizing of AI functions, like segmentation, object detection, and tracking, companies are developing a hands-free driving experience that provides advanced security and safety.

Inspired by the leading-edge technological advancements being developed around the world, you can’t help but be excited for the future. 

In order to move forward, it’s important to answer the question – “what problem are we trying to solve?” 

Problem solving is the foundation to innovation. A clear problem sets the stage to strategy development and through a human centered approach, industry leaders all over the world are proving that keeping people at the center of technology leads to breakthrough solutions.  

CES 2023 inspired our team about our merited skills, cutting-edge capabilities, and the pivotal process we offer to our clients to achieve digital transformation that can boldly impact the future.

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