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Technological innovation is a process, centered too often on where the market has been, not on where it needs to go. Because businesses thrive when they stop comparing with competitors and start prioritizing people: what they want, value and need. No one knows your customers like you do; human-centered design simply helps you understand the raw data, contextualize it, and make it actionable. After all, a strong innovation process doesn’t follow market trends; it reads the people who drive them.


“The market is screaming for our new product, “nanoSTAKE.” This is a result of designing a desirable product. We learned how to do this through Twisthink and their human-centered design approach.”

– Kyle Harvey, Director or Marketing, Extol

Human-Centered Discovery

To offer great products, services and experiences, start with your end-users. Ask any innovation company and you’ll hear about the importance of focus groups in establishing a baseline for understanding your customers preferences and problems. We agree. However, we also empower you to dive deeper. While we use workshops (similar to focus groups) to help you collect insights about your users, we also study consumer behavior, examining how your customers make purchase decisions. Through ethnographic research, we identify insights about pain points that allow us to create an ideal user experience for your customers. In addition, you can count on us to benchmark the various products available to your customers. We then identify primary factors that appeal to most users . From there, you can start to piece together the problems your customers experience daily and the ways in which your technology could intuitively solve those their needs.

Human-Centered Analysis

How do you grow your customer base? And how do you garner loyalty with your target audience? The secret lies in accurately mapping your customers’ reality and responding to it well. Once you have done the hard work of compiling research, you can create detailed consumer profiles and journey maps of each customer’s relationship with your product. We offer you the expertise required to not only accomplish that work, but also to bring your customers into the conversation, validating that the profiles and journey maps we create together are accurate. When it comes to this part of human-centered design, you will find there’s a lot of collaboration and iteration. For us, strategy doesn’t stop at “good enough,” we work until your customer tells us, “That’s exactly how I feel.” The human-centered design approach analyzes the user experience from every angle, helping you make connections that may not feel obvious, but prove essential to a successful product launch.

Human-Centered Creation

When it comes to innovative product development, thinking through each level of human need makes a big difference. Ergonomics, durability, aesthetics, user interface and the entire user experience all play a role in your consumer’s decision-making. As a team cross-trained in human-centered design, we consider ergonomic function and experience desirability throughout our research and design process. We also use rapid prototyping to show you what’s possible, problem solve and prioritize human needs according to your KPIs, budget, market and time constraints. Most human-centered innovation involves rethinking products not only to benefit your customer, but also help you learn more about your customer. Collecting, reading and responding to user data enables you to continually re-create an experience of value. By thinking holistically, we help you unlock that product value, shaping a new customer experience that is perceived as both remarkably usable and highly desirable.

Human-Centered Development

When you embrace human-centered innovation, you can create products, services and experiences that resonate with end users and win market share. The key to a winning solution is a fairly simple formula, but one that requires high performance and collaborative engagement. We partner with you throughout the development and manufacturing process so you’re ready for market. Post launch, we encourage our clients to aggressively promote each innovation: although penetrating a market with a compelling story takes time, once customers experience your product anticipating their needs, the results tend to be dramatic. Then, throughout your product life cycle, we continue to serve as your innovation partner: monitoring, managing and improving your product experience to continue serving customer needs, making people smile, leading your industry and bolstering customer loyalty. Because people drive and reward great design—designs that don’t just win international awards, but also help your company grow.

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