Meet the New Twisthink

Defining What’s Next for Twisthink

We routinely ask our clients, “What’s next for your business?” Last year, we flipped the script and had the same question posed on our own team.

This was more than an exercise in annual planning, forecasting, or revisiting a five-year strategic plan. We needed to bring the same level of scrutiny to our own business that we bring to every new client engagement. “Run for change and grow for good” is a recent theme within our business. To live into this, we needed to define “what’s next” for Twisthink – not simply just what is working today.

What’s next for Twisthink is bold and ambitious and we’re excited to reveal now, and throughout the year ahead.

A Renewed Purpose: CREATE IMPACT

While this has always been implied with every engagement, it has not served as a bold driver of our organization until now. One of our beliefs is “success is measured by impact.” Impact is measured in many ways. It’s the number of workers who go home without their back aching. It’s the dollars, or even lives saved by preventing failures before they occur. It’s the gallons of clean water that keep flowing, or even the number of gallons preserved. And it’s the century-old organizations that are transformed.

Our new brand represents the impact we strive to make for our customers, end users, and our team.

Expanded offerings: DIGITAL STRATEGY followed by DIGITAL SOLUTIONS

We have helped many organizations determine what deserve’s to be built, and then deployed the required design and technical team to design and build it. As digital transformation continues to make an impact in all industries we serve, our clients are now asking us for support and guidance in first mapping out a digital strategy for their organization, followed by the creation of digital solutions. The questions became broader and bigger. They centered around opportunities for their business within the digital landscape, market segment needs, and emerging trends and technologies that could impact their business in the years ahead.

As this pattern emerged, we took strategic action to reposition Twisthink as a digital consultancy that can lead our clients through the process of identifying their long-term digital roadmap, short-term action plan (what deserve’s to be built?), and immediate actions to take now.

Our digital strategy offerings combine trend analysis, tech scouting, and human-centered design thinking into rich workshops that provide the clarity and confidence organization’s need to move forward and achieve business growth. Digital strategy allows you to paint the target, our twist is also having a solid technical team that can execute on that strategy.

It is our driver – strategy and solutions, confidence and connectivity – to create impact.

View the new Twisthink 

This represents a bolder company – one that confidently leads companies though the challenging digital space of IoT, connectivity, cloud and AI; in order compete in today’s digital economy.

The T maintains the history of the original Twisthink “T”, while the new multi-colored plus sign carries multiple layers of symbolism. It signifies connection, positivity, inclusion, and the interconnectedness between the physical and digital world.

This rebrand effort builds upon the Twisthink that was created over 20 years ago. It does not replace who we are or our core expertise. It enhances them while adding to our capabilities and puts a narrow focus on digital strategy + digital solutions. And it provides a clear purpose to create impact that drives our team’s behaviors and the work we do. It is an intentional change in how we represent ourselves that is reflective of “what’s next” for Twisthink.


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