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Today, a vibrant, well-informed, and dynamic digital strategy can be the difference between a growing, thriving company that’s creating impact and one that’s stagnant. 

We work with companies that are leaders in their industry and yet are defining how their future will evolve. That means dedicating the energy and resources that shape future goals. 

Innovation + Growth Strategy

Excelling in today’s digital landscape is a common challenge for many companies, regardless of size or industry. At Twisthink, we work alongside you to create and validate strategies that steer future growth and guide your organization forward.

Whether you want a robust mechanism for continuous innovation or you need a roadmap for the future, we have a variety of offerings that fit your needs.

What we’ll do:

Custom Workshops
Tech Scouting
Trend Analysis
Visual Storytelling

Digital Acceleration Strategy

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace and digital transformation is leading the charge.  We can help you understand how the internet of things and technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning fit into your future business plans in this accelerated environment. 

Through digital product portfolio planning, we create the clarity and alignment you need to  move forward.

What we’ll do:

Custom Workshops
Technical Feasibility Assessment
Business Viability Analysis
Tech Scouting
Trend Analysis

Case in

For Herman Miller

Your office just got a whole lot smarter: Live OS improves on the office environment

Herman Miller engaged with Twisthink to explore the possibilities that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) could offer employers and workplace strategy. It started with the idea of equipping a chair with sensors, an idea that quickly expanded to the creation of an ecosystem of connected furniture.

Impact: A connected, personalized workplace with Live OS furnishings, dashboard and apps Read more

Connected Ecosystem

Surveying the market for a digital solutions in connected water systems management, our clients noticed a big gap.

Nothing on the market worked with their specifications and in the way that they desired, so they asked Twisthink to help them define this future product or experience. A detailed, visual exploration of 4 potential user types provided the structure o evaluate their role in this future connected solution. 

Impact: Our clients was able to visualize the benefits and validate a new product route. Read more

For Air Quality Innovator

Over the course of 8-9 weeks, we used a “Discovery-Analyze-Create” workshop model to guide decision making around a new IoT proposal. From the framework developed in those sessions, we then defined and visualized a hypothesis IoT opportunity roadmap and vision.

Impact: A fully developed IoT strategy framing business opportunities for existing sensors + instrumentation solutions Read more


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