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Digital transformation is now crucial to a thriving business—businesses that can’t evolve will flicker out. We see this as a bold opportunity to think differently, about what you create and how we connect it to real people.

Twisthink lays a creative groundwork for your project using a human-centered design principle, plus tools like tech scouting, trend analysis. Visual storytelling brings these ideas to life and helps your team gain clarity and alignment.

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To us, an Innovation + Growth Strategy comes to life in transformational workshops that visualize various paths, markets, or products, unearth hidden connections and team knowledge, all synthesized into a clear plan for your next move.

Offerings within Innovation
+ Growth Strategy:

  • Continuous Innovation Pipeline
  • Opportunity Roadmapping
  • Custom Engagements
Creatively engage your distributed team

Build a continuous pipeline for innovation.

The companies best-poised to lead in an increasingly digital and tech-infused future will be those who can build innovation into their daily work model. When it comes to embracing a digital future, it can seem draining and confusing to dedicate efforts to innovation and either not see results or experience fatigue after launching a big project.

With our quarterly innovation workshops, we review new technologies, trends, and market shifts, so that your team is consistently asking “what’s next?” and fueling new product or solution ideas that capitalize on those emerging opportunities.

Contact us to establish your innovation pipeline.

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Define an opportunity roadmap

Through opportunity roadmapping, we help you determine where your business can benefit from the digital megatrend, and how it fits within your business goals and future plans. We look at core, adjacent, and game changing markets so you can make the biggest impact. 

Our unique, broad scope approach brings clarity and alignment on what your business needs to do to excel in a digital world.

Let’s connect and create your organization’s opportunity roadmap.

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Rise to your potential with emerging tech

Plan an innovation workshop

Learn how to frame up a problem and gain new insights by having empathy for your stakeholders. Over the course of our workshops we show you how to better collaborate, visualize, and share ideas. These experiences are highly tailored to your business, and investigate customer needs, market trends, and industry dynamics to generate insights—with outcomes that reimagine what’s possible and put that within reach. 

In other words, this isn’t your run-of-the-mill brainstorm—it’s the seed of a powerful new growth strategy, plus all the tools to help it grow within your business.

Schedule your innovation workshop today.

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“The value comes from having a clear roadmap that guides the way for creating a unique solution that brings value to the end user.”

– Rob H.

CSO at Twisthink


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