Twisthink Launches Shared Spaces, a Unique Cross-Industry Insights Program

Grand Rapids, MI – Today, Twisthink, a digital consulting firm, announced the launch of Shared Spaces, an exclusive insights program beginning in May 2023. The virtual experience is designed to help leaders unlock new ways of thinking by exploring the convergence of cross-industry trends and their evolving future.

“In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential for leaders to understand what’s happening outside their own industry,” said Robert Niemiec, Twisthink Managing Partner. “By embracing a cross-disciplinary approach to problem-solving, organizations can adapt to rapidly changing market conditions and stay ahead of the curve.”

Shared Spaces is a unique model that combines the best parts of a conference, workshop, and membership. It empowers participants from industrial, healthcare, and mobility to see things from different perspectives by exposing them to new spaces and facilitates an interactive online experience through tools like Mentimeter and Miro.

“It’s refreshing to spend time exploring what trends are impacting different industries,” said Taryn Kutches, Twisthink VP of Brand and Business Development and Shared Spaces facilitator. “Stepping outside of your corner of the world can spark a whole new set of ideas that you wouldn’t have generated without it.”

During Shared Spaces’ 4-part virtual experience, the cohort of 30 cross-functional industry leaders will unpack the trend reports focusing on three industries.

  1. Industrial – focusing on the macrotrends of heavy machinery, agriculture and the combination of energy, air, and water.
  2. Healthcare – including the macro-trends of digitizing self-care, elevated diagnostics, and connected healthcare equipment.
  3. Mobility – concentrating on the movement of people, advanced logistics, and smart cities.

“The program’s uniqueness lies in its focus on creating a cross-industry collaborative environment that is not burdened by the constraints of conventional innovation programs,” said Rob Huber, Twisthink Chief Strategy Officer. “Many of the innovation programs I’ve experienced over the years require large time commitments, high investments, and a lack of actionable insights. Shared Spaces was created to bridge this gap and provide a collaborative, affordable, and actionable experience all at a comparable cost to attending a conference.”

After the cohort is completed, participants will gain access to the Shared Spaces Community, where members can cross-collaborate, network across diverse perspectives, engage in co-development opportunities, and get connected to innovative startups.

Leaders within technology, strategy, design, and marketing roles are invited to join Shared Spaces. Apply now to secure one of the limited 30 spots available for the first cohort before the May 4th deadline. Prices for membership are $5,500 for one member and $10,000 for two members.

To learn more or apply, visit For more information, contact Taryn Kutches at


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Exploring other industries and where they’re going can unlock a whole new way of thinking. Many companies fall short in tapping into their team’s creativity and imagination. Shared Spaces aims to break through these obstacles. By exposing yourself to new ways of thinking and different challenges, you can unlock fresh perspectives and spur original ideas.

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Twisthink is a professional services firm that partners with companies to develop digital strategies and solutions that create impact.

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