Tailor every touchpoint.

Enhance your customer experience through a holistic approach. By meticulously outlining the entire customer journey with your product or service, our Experience Strategy offering can uncover new opportunities and pioneer innovative digital solutions.

Our expertise lies in customizing digital experience roadmaps that align with customer needs and expectations. We’re skilled at pinpointing opportunities to harness technology, whether it’s to elevate current customer experiences or forge entirely new ones.

Craft a strategy that harmonizes every process, ensuring a fluid and intuitive experience.

what’s possible.

Our strategists work closely with your team to gain a deep understanding of your end-to-end customer journey. This enables us to map out all the touchpoints, from back-end processes to front-end interactions, allowing us to identify areas for improvement and innovation.

We envision what the ideal customer experience could be and determine what touchpoints or services need to be developed or refined to bring this vision to life. Our fresh perspective, coupled with your deep industry knowledge, is what leads to breakthroughs. This collaborative process doesn’t just guide you towards innovative digital solutions, it reimagines what’s possible and puts that within reach.

Our approach.

Our approach to experience strategy is a collaborative, iterative process aimed at visualizing a seamless customer experience.


Conduct Stakeholder Research

Conduct interviews, site visits, and desk research to understand customer needs.


Identify Pain Points and Opportunities

Cultivate insights and identify where the experience falls short.


Map the Interactions

Visualize each step of the process and how those steps interact.


Collaborate with Our Team and Clients

Gain a holistic understanding of the experience through cross-functional collaboration.


Continuously Iterate and Reimagine

Evolve and improve the experience over time as new insights emerge.

Specialized skills and tools:

  • "Now, Near, Next" Roadmap
  • Journey Mapping
  • Service Blueprints
  • Visual Storytelling

Strategizing a recipe for success for Global Catering Company

In the face of operational challenges, a global catering company sought fresh solutions to enhance efficiency and elevate customer experiences. Recognizing the need for transformative changes, the company partnered with Twisthink to forge a strategic digital roadmap.

More insight:

[Case Study] Global Catering Company


“In today’s digital world products are not static, they are interactive. Those interactions can be somewhat invisible. One way to unpack that complexity is through service blueprints.”

Transform ordinary interactions into extraordinary experiences.


“It’s not about the product. It’s about the experience.”

– John Bleau

Senior Design Strategist at Twisthink


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

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