Reach new heights with the cloud.

Unlock the potential of your digital platform through the power of robust cloud architecture and development, enabling it to deliver unmatched flexibility, accessibility, security, and automation.

With our deep expertise in building and updating cloud-based applications, we leverage our cloud-native and scalable architectures to deliver tailor-made solutions that revolutionize your development, deployment, and operations processes.

Take advantage of the cloud to conquer the competition.

What sets us apart.

Certified, collaborative, and proven.

We have a unique blend of skills and experiences that make us your ideal cloud partner. We have a deep-rooted understanding of the entire ecosystem, from connected devices to platforms. This comprehensive knowledge uniquely positions us as the sole partner capable of transforming both your devices and platforms, ensuring a holistic approach.

Cross-Functional Expertise

We collaborate directly with UX and UI teams to understand what truly deserves to be built, especially concerning data needs. We work closely with the Mobile and Web teams to deliver seamless experiences and data flow across platforms.

Knowledge Sharing

We believe in partnership and will collaborate with your internal teams, teaching and cross-training on the latest philosophies and approaches in cloud architecture and DevOps.

Certified Professionals

We delve into the intricacies of DevOps and Automation, applying our knowledge to both cloud and edge environments. Our team is also certified in both AWS and Azure platforms, ensuring that your modernization journey is in capable hands.

Level up with

Our holistic approach to DevOps and automation delivers speed, quality and agility.

  • Effective source code management
  • Automated deployments
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Comprehensive testing
  • Security and compliance
  • Observability
Effective source code management

We establish robust tools, rules, and norms for managing your source code effectively, ensuring version control and collaboration are seamless.

Automated deployments

Our pipelines automate deployments, ensuring swift and error-free transitions from development to production environments.

Infrastructure as code

We define applications through infrastructure as code, enabling efficient management and scalability.

Comprehensive testing

We incorporate automated unit testing, integration testing, and end-to-end solution testing into build and deploy pipelines, ensuring the reliability and functionality of your applications.

Security and compliance

We manage secrets and parameters for multi-environment enterprise deployments, guaranteeing security and compliance with industry standards.


We standardize logging and tracing, adding alarms, alerts, and dashboards to ensure full solution observability. This enables us to identify and resolve issues swiftly, enhancing the stability of your applications.

Transform your capabilities from the ground up.

Modernize your cloud.

Are you ready to reshape your legacy application and infrastructure? Whether you want to migrate your applications to the cloud, re-architect them to be cloud-native, or leverage our cloud services to enhance performance, security, or scalability – we’ve got you covered!

With our holistic approach, we ensure every aspect of your existing platform is thoroughly assessed, precisely mapped out, and seamlessly delivered.

What we'll do:

Platform Assessments
Strategic Decision Support
Re-architecture, Re-design & Re-build
Migration Planning

Case in

For Vermeer

How we supported Vermeer in their digital
transformation journey through the design and
build of a telematics solution.

Vermeer, a global manufacturer of industrial and agricultural equipment, partnered with Twisthink to develop a game-changing digital solution that would optimize machine performance, minimize downtime, and enhance service capabilities.

Impact: By adopting a user-centered approach, we supported Vermeer in manufacturing an intuitive and robust telematics web application that delivers valuable insights. Read more

For Flexco

Revolutionizing Conveyer Maintenance
with Predictive Edge Devices

Flexco, an industry leader in conveyor maintenance solutions, needed to predict belt cleaner failures and eliminate costly downtime. Our custom hardware solution, featuring a 2-year battery-powered device that continuously monitors vibrations and sends predictive data to the cloud, not only met but exceeded expectations.

Impact: The predictive edge device for Flexco reduced conveyor downtime, saved costs, and set a new industry standard. Read more

For charity: water

How we used IoT and the cloud to safeguard clean water

Leaning into our expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT connectivity, we helped charity : water move beyond just building wells by designing a sensor and connected apps that monitored their wells remotely and facilitated timely maintenance.

Impact: By detecting issues before they occur and dispatching prompt repairs when necessary, water is flowing safely for an estimated 100 million people. Read more

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services provides an array of cloud benefits.

Learn more

Auris, our IoT accelerator, helps you get connected to the cloud, gathering insights, and creating value smarter and faster.

Learn more


“What sets Twisthink apart from other vendors is their level of engagement in our company and their true love for the project. If you don’t know any better, you wouldn’t know that they’re a partner.”

– Nicole Groenendyk

Senior Project Manager, Vermeer


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

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