Design is a million little things done right.

Design matters. And when design taps into the human experience–anticipating intuition so your customers never pause to think–it revolutionizes industries. Every Twisthink employee is trained in a human-centered approach to design and engineering. That means we do what other engineers can’t: filter our technical ideas through the grid of desirability to yield a service, experience and product your consumer has always wanted.

UX Design

Our team knows that if your product doesn’t tell a compelling story at the point of sale, no one is going to buy it. So we design backwards from that initial point of contact. To do this, we use the journey map developed during the initial strategy stage of our process to consider a number of key user realities: online searches, test-drives, owning a product for a month and owning a product for a year. We understand that each of those experiences must be positive in order for a product to succeed. That’s why we work to bring a smile your customer’s face throughout the lifespan of a product.

UI Design

Design is about discipline. That means focusing on creating a phenomenal interface before getting carried away in the look and feel of a product. If the usability doesn’t sing when a product exists on paper in black and white, then it’s never going to thrive in the hands of users. Clean and simple interfaces are our primary aesthetic. You’ll find them in just about every product we create.

Product Design

Our drive to create flawless products means we only hire the most fearless and meticulous innovators, each with a knack for understanding what makes products more human. When it comes to creating products, we balance ergonomics and durability with craftsmanship, aesthetics and tactical finesse. It’s only when each of these attributes has been holistically refined that a product can inspire delight. And once we determine what will delight customers, we ensure you can replicate it a million times.

World-changing design doesn’t evolve overnight.

Let us walk you through the process.