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Success hinges on the user’s experience — all the technology in the world can’t compensate for a poor user experience. With human-centered design, your solutions do more than solve needs: they delight, inspire, and build loyalty.

Twisthink’s audience research, prototyping, product testing, and validation methods help uncover all the ways users will experience your solution, and how to make those moments meaningful.

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See every facet that matters to your audience

To us, Experience Design means far more than just an interface–instead, it’s every touchpoint that makes up a user’s holistic experience, from the ergonomics of a device, to processing speed and accuracy, to accessibility and beyond.

Offerings within Experience Design:

  • Stakeholder Prioritization
  • User Experience Assessment
  • User Experience Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Product Design
Follow your user's journey through interactions

Prioritize your stakeholders

You may know who your stakeholders are, but Twisthink can help you create a more rich, in-depth understanding that allows you to not only understand, but empathize. 

You’ll also learn how to filter out perspectives that don’t speak to your audience’s needs, beliefs, and behaviors.

Stakeholder segmentation and prioritization help you identify key themes and trends that guide the design + build of your solution leading to a higher probability for success.

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Visualization tools help immerse us in a customer's exerience
Even the material and shape of a physical product leave an impression

Recharge with a
user experience assessment

When existing solutions aren’t getting the adoption or engagement your business needs, our team conducts an assessment of the user experience, and provides recommendations that allow your users to get the full benefit and value from your solution. 

Comprehending the user’s journey requires evaluation and assessment with equal measures of deep insight and critical appraisal.

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Wireframing the user's journey before jumping into design process
Every screen has unique features and functions

Elevate your user experience design

We want to help you awe your customers! That’s why our team embraces a wide spectrum of disciplines that help first deeply understand the problems you are trying to solve, and then define and create the solution.

When we think of UX, we imagine where your product will be used, outside variables, and demographic nuances, in addition to the flow of information + tasks inside your tool—anticipating the unexpected so that there’s no disruption, just a seamlessly enjoyable experience.

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Create value with
intuitive interfaces

We create clean, simple interfaces that deliver strong and functional usability. Our designers strike a balance between visual design with interaction design, and information architecture with technical feasibility. 

It’s only when each of these attributes have been holistically refined that a product can inspire and uplift your customer’s experience.

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Every idea is captured and heard during the divergent discovery phase
Rapid prototyping is unbeatable when it comes to quickly testing and refining new product concepts

Design the product your users crave

Our product design balances ergonomics and durability with craftsmanship, aesthetics and tactical finesse. The best design is one that is fused seamlessly with the function, so that your user’s experience is harmonious and satisfying.

This fine balance is essential to a product’s success. That’s why we bring together different design and engineering disciplines with open innovation so that the look and feel of your product match the brilliance and integrity of the concept behind it.

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“Twisthink believes in customer-centric design, a relentless focus on innovation, and high levels of quality and design.”

– Scott H.

VP + Creator of customer-focused digital lighting solutions


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