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Getting a digital solution into market requires a strategy just as brilliant as the concept—one that examines every angle of a product’s design, the market’s contours, and the quirky ways people measure delight and meaning.

Twisthink investigates what your users need, overlaying that with technical feasibility + business viability to validate a solution before you invest in development, so you can pursue your goal confidently.

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When we say Product Strategy, we mean immersing yourself in the stakeholders world to create a deep understanding of what their needs are–then ensuring your solution is also technically feasible and viable for your business.

Offerings within Product Strategy:

  • Stakeholder research and analysis
  • Business viability assessment
  • Technical feasibility
  • Digital solution features roadmap
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Deepen your understanding of stakeholders

Your customers shouldn’t be an enigma—their needs, pain points, and behaviors can be deeply understood and used to guide your product development. Twisthink helps you decipher who your multi-level stakeholders are, and what questions and conversations will uncover their desires and motivations beyond surface-level understanding.

Using qualitative and quantitative market research techniques, in-depth interviews, and tactical workshops, we gain a confident base of stakeholder understanding that ensures your innovation will have a meaningful impact.

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Is it

When exploring new ideas and product possibilities, getting the confidence to invest in the next step requires fully understanding its viability: what will different phases cost? When can ROI be expected? Does the price make sense to your customers?

At Twisthink, we help you explore ongoing market viability objectively so that you can understand whether to move forward, regroup, or start fresh.

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Is it technically feasible

New, fresh, transformative ideas are exciting – they motivate and inspire. Before investment, however, you need a complete and accurate picture of the technical inputs, from manufacturing times, materials costs, delivery, and the technical capacity of both hardware and outside systems you plan to connect with.

We help answer that question comprehensively, so you know you’re investing in a sustainable product. From initial design, to sourcing materials, delivery, and beyond, Twisthink explores the full spectrum of events that happen moving your concept into production.

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Make a
digital solutions roadmap

Embarking on digital transformation effectively requires a clear understanding of what deserves to be built—our process removes hurdles and uncertainty, combining stakeholder research, viability assessment, and market analysis to deliver a concise feature roadmap to your most effective avenues for a successful solution.  

You’ll learn what is most valuable to your stakeholders which informs what to build first, how to reduce time to market, and how to frame the value of your new solution. 

Get started on your roadmap today—contact us!

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“We pride ourselves on our voice of customer, and we really love Twisthink’s human-centered design approach. It aligns with us because we’re always trying to put the customer first.”

– Nicole G.

Go-getter and digital transformation pioneer


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