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Our Continuous Innovation Pipeline offering empowers your business with a steady flow of desirable, feasible, and viable ideas, so you can stay at the forefront of innovation.

By continuously exploring “what’s next?”, our Continuous Innovation Pipeline offering helps foster new ideas for innovative products and solutions. Through our strategic approach, your team can capitalize on emerging opportunities and stay ahead of the cure.

You never know what new ideas might spark from a dedicated focus on innovation.

Create an
innovation engine
for your business.

A Continuous Innovation Pipeline (CIP) is a dynamic process that identifies, tests, and introduces new ideas to your organization. Promising ideas become proofs of concept, which are strategically evaluated before moving into production. Implementing a CIP provides your team with a consistent way to identify new innovation opportunities. While many ideas may be generated within your own organization, an outside perspective can spark fresh thinking and open up new possibilities.

How it works.

Innovation requires intentionality.

Quarterly Workshops

Twisthink hosts and facilities quarterly ignition workshops with your team.

Innovation Research

Tech scouting, trend research, and stakeholder research are used as inputs to spark fresh ideas and new thinking.

Project Opportunities

The full 1-2 day workshop results in multiple project opportunities your team can convert into proof of concept’s (POC’s).

Driving exponential
market growth for
global automotive

Rallying around human-centered design and open innovation principles, Faurecia partnered with Twisthink to pioneer a new philosophy of innovations, putting the wants and needs of the customers in the driver’s seat. Their commitment to open innovation resulted in a steady stream of innovation that helped Faurecia break into new markets.

More insight:

[Case Study] Faurecia


Open your mind to new possibilities.


“Innovation is made up of a lot of things—a mindset, a strategy, a process, a partnership, messy and challenging, fun and invigorating, continuous and ongoing. But above all it requires intentionality.”

– Taryn Kutches

VP of Brand and Business Development at Twisthink


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