A blueprint for innovation.

Do you recognize the need for change within your product portfolio but unsure where to start or what to do next?

Our team of experienced strategists will guide you through the complexities of your product landscape and help you imagine new opportunities to define a clear and actionable strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Gain tangible, clear ideas that illuminate potential pathways, offering a vision of what could be and a plan for how to achieve it.

Specialized skills and tools:

  • Trend Research
  • Tech Scouting
  • Innovation Workshops
  • Internal Stakeholder Research
We bring in the right experts, at the right time.

The key to product
innovation success.

Why is Portfolio Strategy important?

For your organization to innovate in a digital world, we must bring together all of the right ingredients.

Big Picture Perspective

Imagine what’s possible by understanding customer needs, market trends, and emerging technology.

Visualize Opportunities

Visualizing opportunities makes them tangible, enabling you to make more confident decisions for what’s next.

Take Focused Action

Innovation is about more than good ideas. It’s about acting with a guided path to success.

Case in

For Trinseo

A cross-collaborative approach creates concrete
strategies for leading material manufacturer.

Trinseo’s objective was to explore strategic concepts that would enable them to apply their materials in novel ways or pioneer new technologies that would create fresh avenues for value generation. To navigate this endeavor, Trinseo partnered with Twisthink, relying on our expertise to guide this innovation and strategy process.

Impact: Within a timeframe of 12 weeks, Trinseo was delivered a “Now, Near, Next” Innovation Roadmap, which outlined a series of actionable, recommended opportunities to pursue. Read more

For Air Quality Innovator

Strategy sessions lead to a detailed roadmap to achieve future IoT goals.

This Air Quality Innovation Leader engaged Twisthink at the very beginning of their digital transformation journey–they knew that digital strategy had to take a leading role in their company’s next steps, but aside from seeing potential in IoT solutions, they weren’t sure how best to begin, what gaps in knowledge to fill, and how to navigate efficiently toward the development of new products and offerings.

Impact: Our client emerged from the Digital Strategy workshops with a fully developed IoT Digital Transformation strategy that framed IoT business opportunities for its sensors and instrumentation solutions. Read more

Our methodology.

We believe in innovation opportunities at the portfolio level exist at the intersection of Where to Play and How to Win. We create tailored projects composed of these six innovation strategy elements.

Our approach.

Our approach consists of five key steps to help you realize a winning portfolio strategy.


Business Aspiration

Conduct a mini-workshop with your team to immerse ourselves in your organization’s vision and goals.


Where To Play

Gather insights through stakeholder interviews, customer and end-user research, and analysis of market trends, emerging technology, and societal shifts.


Innovation Workshop

Generate new perspectives and ideas, which will serve as the foundation for opportunity concepts and prioritize focus on the most promising opportunities.


How To Win

Define opportunity concepts and establish criteria for evaluating their perceived value, followed by strategizing on how your organization can capitalize on each opportunity.


Take Action

Present innovation opportunities and recommendations, and engage in workshop activities to actively make decisions and frame next steps.

Drive innovation with strategic purpose.

Transform your vision into a reality.

Are you ready to turn your new idea into a tangible product strategy? We are here to help you create a roadmap that combines user needs, with business goals, and technical feasibility.


“Working with Twisthink’s Digital Strategy offering created momentum and alignment among our leadership. Now that we have a roadmap, we are excited to take the next step and go deeper into uncovering insights.”

– Air Quality Innovation Leader


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with a twist.

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