Build with confidence. 

Do you have an idea for a new product but need help expanding that idea into a clear actionable product strategy?

We’ll guide you through the process, starting with understanding your business and customer needs and ending with a compelling, viable product strategy that empowers you to proceed into development with confidence.

Transform your vision into a reality backed by a robust strategy.

Specialized skills and tools:

  • Visual Storytelling
  • Business Viability Analysis
  • User Research & Testing
  • Journey Mapping
  • Concept Generation
Our expertise in product strategy delivers confidence and clarity for product development.

The 3 lenses of
product success.

User Desirability

It starts with a deep understanding of your stakeholders.

Your customers shouldn’t be an enigma—their needs, pain points, and behaviors can be deeply understood and used to guide your product development. Twisthink helps you decipher who your multi-level stakeholders are, and what questions and conversations will uncover their desires and motivations beyond surface-level understanding.

Using qualitative and quantitative market research techniques, in-depth interviews, and tactical workshops, we gain a confident base of stakeholder understanding that ensures your innovation will have a meaningful impact.


Is it viable?

When exploring new ideas and product possibilities, getting the confidence to invest in the next step requires fully understanding its viability: what will different phases cost? When can ROI be expected? Does the price make sense to your customers?

At Twisthink, we help you explore ongoing market viability objectively so that you can understand whether to move forward, regroup, or start fresh.


Is it technically feasible?

New, fresh, transformative ideas are exciting – they motivate and inspire. Before investment, however, you need a complete and accurate picture of the technical inputs, from manufacturing times, materials costs, delivery, and the technical capacity of both hardware and outside systems you plan to connect with.

We help answer that question comprehensively, so you know you’re investing in a sustainable product. From initial design, to sourcing materials, delivery, and beyond, Twisthink explores the full spectrum of events that happen moving you concept into production.

A focus on what deserves to be built.

Our approach.

Our approach to product strategy is cross-functional. Our team of designers, strategists, and technologists collaborate closely to align technical feasibility with conceptual ideas.


Define Concept

Building upon the portfolio strategy, we craft a defined concept.



Utilize existing customer knowledge or conduct end user research.


Build VRTs

Build visual research tools (VRTs) to test ideas gathered from research, and present these to end users to gather insights.


Concept Session

Use insights to generate concepts via a workshop with the client.


Strategy Pitch

Formulate a comprehensive strategy pitch encompassing findings and proposed solutions.

Case in

For Herman Miller

Your office just got a whole lot smarter: Live OS
improves on the office environment.

Herman Miller engaged with Twisthink to explore the possibilities that the “Internet of Things” (IoT) could offer employers and workplace strategy. It started with the idea of equipping a chair with sensors, an idea that quickly expanded to the creation of an ecosystem of connected furniture.

Impact: A connected, personalized workplace with Live OS furnishings, dashboard and apps. Read more

For Connected Ecosystems

A leading water wellness company explores the best connected water system for a complex web of stakeholders, applications, and customers.

As our client surveyed the applications landscape for a connected water systems management solution, they found there was nothing on the market that worked with their specifications and in the way that they desired. They asked Twisthink to help them define this future product or experience for stakeholders, giving them the details and structure they needed to evaluate their role in this future connected solution.

Impact: Our client discovered and validated a solution, plus a framework to explore bringing it to market. Read more

For Limelight

Twisthink’s initiative to revamp the lamp yields an IoT lighting control system that enhances safety, saves energy, and streamlines maintenance.

On average, there are 6.5 billion kilowatt hours wasted on parking garage lighting, costing over $2 million per day, as lights are always left on. The Twisthink team saw an opportunity to use energy more sustainably and reduce costs by only using light when, where and to what degree is needed. We also saw an opportunity to create a safer environment where spaces are reliably illuminated whenever they are being used.

Impact: Limelight’s IoT lighting controls provide daylight and nighttime harvest for any fixture, report the status of each fixture, and track facility activity, delivering a complete ROI in less than 3 years. Read more

Create with confidence and clarity.


“A well-defined strategy is the cornerstone that turns aspirations into a tangible vision and fuels the engine for sustainable growth.”

– Lauren Seymour

Principal Design Strategist at Twisthink


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

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