Maximize your value
using your existing data.

Our 4-week data value assessment will help you better understand your data, identify feasible and viable data opportunities, and provide strategic recommendations on how you can add a whole new level of intelligence to your business model.

Connect devices + data in meaningful ways

Don't let your data go to waste.

Connected products and the internet of things (loT) isn’t anything new. From smart watches and digital scales to connected appliances and robotic vacuums, digital transformation is all around us. Digital products are collecting loads of data but businesses are now asking, “What can we do with the data?”

Our Data Value Assessment can help bridge the gap from data collection to outcome generation.

Add Al capabilities to your traditional loT devices and add a whole new level of intelligence to your business model. Gain greater insights, create new user experiences, and generate new value.

Gain Efficiencies

Automate Tasks

Prevent Failures

Data assessment

+ what you’ll walk away with


Identify Data Opportunities

Explore current challenges and strategic goals. Use cases prioritized by impact, feasibility, and viability.


Data Readiness Assessment

Examine data assets and technology ecosystem. Gain clarity on what data you have or might need.


Proposed Set of Next Steps

Create an initial point of view on AI benefits. Refine opportunities and capture business case.


Data Platform Architecture

Develop a business strategy with high-level ROI. Receive recommended solutions that will deliver immediate business impact.

Fueled by data-driven partners.

Deliver more with your data.

IoT provides generation and analysis. AI delivers insight and action.


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

Create unprecedented impact with Twisthink.

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