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Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we live and work. By connecting devices + data in meaningful ways, we replace unnecessary human tasks and generate new value for your business.

From preventing catastrophic failures to vacuuming your home using intelligent robotics, we find untapped potential within your business and create innovative solutions using the power of AI on the edge and in the cloud.

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Could AI be the "key" to smarter, safer, and better transportation?

What we mean by AI is taking loads of data, recognizing patterns and creating algorithms that respond accordingly to those patterns

Offerings within Artificial Intelligence:

  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • AI at the Edge
  • AI in the Cloud
As sensor tech gets more sophisticated, opportunities abound
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Turn your data into immediate business value?

Our data value assessment will help you better understand your data, identify feasible and viable data opportunities, and provide strategic recommendations on how you can add a whole new level of intelligence to your business model.

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Human-centered AI supports creativity and imaginative exploration

Empowering both humans and machines to do what they do best — AI excels at mass data crunching, pattern recognition, and responding to automated algorithms, leaving humans free to focus on the creative use of imagination and ingenuity. This, in turn, spurs you to develop products that will be successful and valuable to consumers.


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Algorithms that reflect human needs
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Deliver higher-level insights with
Machine Learning

Machine learning (ML), working alongside AI, enables a higher level of automation and personalization—think: new user experiences, novel products, and accelerated development. This allows you to spend time unleashing creativity and maximizing your workflow. 

Our team will lead you through the process of curating data, training and developing the ML algorithms, and instilling the problem-solving philosophy into the culture of your organization.

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Using predictive maintenance where it is most impactful
Superpower your operations with AR/VR technology

AI unlocks computer vision possibilities

Computer vision is being integrated into many new products and systems where AI can “see” better than humans. But it must fit the user’s abilities and environment to be successful. 

Twisthink uses lean thinking to uncover new business value by automating tasks that require visual perception and crunching massive amounts of data.

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Computer vision opens up the possibilities to better understanding the visual world
Gain a new perspective on the world with image detection

AI at
the Edge

AI at the edge delivers instant user experiences and real-time analytics by computing close to the data source.  Embedded AI can also offer a level of security by keeping data in the hands of users.

With our team’s help, you can evaluate where the processing and computing power should be placed for AI solutions at the edge—and turn that plan into a powerful live edge solution.

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AI allows BISSELL's robot vacuum to be app-controlled
Smart sensors bring intelligent navigation to your home

AI in the cloud

As system thinkers, we use our expertise to determine whether the algorithm should be placed on the edge or in the cloud to maximize value. 

The value of AI in the cloud is the ability to view aggregated data from multiple devices, which provides valuable insights and enables predictive maintenance. As more data and devices are added, the cloud provides scalability with more space and complex algorithms.

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“Twisthink’s algorithm development is superior, and their testing process is very  rigorous. As a result, we have a much superior product.”

– Cristoph G.

Chief Global Water Officer + Implementer of IoT for Good


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