Creating better human-machine experiences through automation.

There is tremendous potential with artificial intelligence (AI) and it is already changing the way that we live and work. It is moving to center stage in the digital transformation mega-trend as Iot connects more devices and data is more easily available to us. We are now generating more data than we know what to do with. Our cross-functional team works together to use AI’s ability to perceive a context, infer meaning from it, and then respond consistently within that context. From using robotics to vacuum your home, to using sensing to detect the source of illness through CAT scans, we find the untapped potential in your industry and create innovative solutions using the power of AI.


According to a study done by HBR there are over 30,000 new products introduced every year and 95% fail. How will you ensure your investment in AI will pay off? How will you create a product that does not simply replace human activity but enhances the way we live and work? We believe it all starts with the human-centered-design process. AI has the opportunity to empower humans and machines to do what each other does best. Machines are better at crunching mass amounts of data, finding patterns in the data through algorithms, and automating tasks that are tedious but necessary. Finding opportunities to use AI to allow us as humans to use our imagination and creativity is where the greatest potential of AI resides. By focusing on solving real issues with AI that will eliminate unnecessary human tasks and improve the user experience, is what will lead you to developing products that will be successful and valuable to consumers.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is at the center of the AI excitement. It is a powerful tool for processing large amounts of data and finding patterns or insights not possible by us as humans. Machine learning also enables a higher level of automation and personalization, delivering new user experiences, novel products, and accelerating development. This allows people to spend time unleashing their creativity and accelerating their workflow. Our team is prepared to lead you through the process of curating data, training and developing the machine learning algorithm, and driving the problem-solving philosophy into the culture of your organization; allowing you to harness the full potential of machine learning.

Computer Vision

Computer vision technology is being integrated into a wide range of new products and systems and AI systems can now “see” even more accurately than us as humans. Finding ways to automate tasks that require visual perception and then crunching mass amounts of data, can unlock new business value. At Twisthink, we have been providing advanced vision and custom algorithm solutions for over a decade. Through computer vision we created solutions that automate the process of scanning barcodes and another that can detect available spots in parking garages eliminating the time spent driving around looking for an open spot. In these solutions, as well as others, there are numerous trade-offs that need to be made to meet the desired application constraints. Our team employs lean thinking to understand the trades and accelerate camera design and algorithm development for our clients.

Embedded AI

We are all familiar with Google Maps, Alexa, Spotify, and Netflix that represent AI in the cloud. In fact, products that we often associate with AI, are solutions where the data lives in the cloud. With advances in technology capabilities, we are now able to do AI at the edge (embedded AI) that was previously constrained to the cloud. Our team can lead you through the process of evaluating where the processing and computing power should be placed, and make a recommendation that is right for you. We are specifically experienced in creating AI solutions at the edge. The value of the edge is delivering instant user feedback and improving user experiences by offering real-time analytics. Eliminating the cloud also removes the need for an internet connection and offers users a higher level of security for instances when users don’t want their voice or information sent to the cloud. Embedded AI helps us create solutions like robotic vacuums, vision-based doorbells/security cameras, and even the ability to unlock your phone just by looking into the camera. If your product needs speed, real-time insights, and cost optimization, our team can help you customize an AI solution at the edge!

Delivering better user experiences through intelligence.

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