Maximize your value
using your existing data.

Our 4-week data value assessment will help you better understand your data, identify feasible and viable data opportunities, and provide strategic recommendations on how you can add a whole new level of intelligence to your business model.

Connect devices + data in meaningful ways
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Data assessment

+ what you’ll walk away with


List of Data Opportunities

Explore current challenges and strategic goals. Use cases prioritized by impact, feasibility, and viability.


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Data Maturity Assessment

Examine data assets and technology ecosystem. Gain clarity on what data you have or might need.


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Proposed Set of Next Steps

Create an initial point of view on AI benefits. Refine opportunities and capture business case.


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Data Platform Architecture

Develop a business strategy with high-level ROI. Receive recommended solutions that will deliver immediate business impact.


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Fueled by data-driven partners.

Deliver more with your data.

IoT provides generation and analysis. AI delivers insight and action.


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

Create unprecedented impact with Twisthink.
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