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In the realm of product development, the internet of things (IoT) empowers you to create products that excite your customers and outperform your competition. No matter your industry, there’s opportunity to elevate your business model with IoT. From outfitting cars with drowsy driver protection to transforming a robot into the world’s most precise spinal surgeon, we use IoT to create digital experiences that in turn create business value for our clients.

Value Creation

When you partner with engineers, you get products that work. When you partner with designers and engineers cross-trained in human-centered design, you get products that unlock unique value for your customers. Our team specializes in merging the physical and digital worlds to create unprecedented IoT solutions. Thanks to our human-centered design process we pair you with a team of experts who first conduct research and then leverage their findings through product design and development, leaving you confident you have an accurate read on the minimum viable product to bring to market. By beginning the design process with stakeholder research, we ensure all products adopt the technology that best serves your customers. So rather than starting with a reliance on technology to drive design, we ensure technology augments it. With a full-stack of IoT services, we outfit you with products that are clean, consistent and holistic in their server-less computing.

Analytics at the Edge

As IoT consultants, we introduce clients to sensors and algorithms that take their products beyond the limits of human performance. When handled well, integrated artificial intelligence and computer vision enhance product experience; they should never burden it. To that end, we help our customers identify where sensors can create new value and then we help them discern what sensing technologies are technically feasible. Sometimes the intelligence deserves to be at the edge of the network, sometimes it deserves to be in the cloud, we help our clients architect the best way. Cameras are a particularly powerful sensor and their performance has steadily increased while their cost has steadily decreased in recent years. If your solution would benefit from a camera, we have the expertise to help you implement novel solutions. With expertise spanning decades, we create IoT devices that adhere to the tenets of human-centered design and lead companies into new markets through innovation. Partner with us to discover how analytics can provide unique insights to improve your product, enchant your customers and redefine your business.


IoT technology offerings depend on connectivity. There are a wide range of connectivity solutions on the market today. Choosing the right technology for connecting your product means balancing budget constraints, desired information output, infrastructure for device management, operational cost and intended product life cycle. The companies that we serve need a broad range of connectivity solutions. We meet those needs using a variety of radios such as wifi, bluetooth and zigbee. Because there are benefits and challenges to each, we don’t believe in pre-packaged solutions. Nor are we aligned to any particular solution. Instead, we collaborate with our customers to choose the best one for their needs. The best choice involves discerning the business tradeoffs and risks including validation and certification costs. From our first connected devices, developed prior to the internet of things even earning its name, to our more recent and sophisticated products used for automated sorting, scanning and even surgery, we have partnered with clients to build products well-poised to exceed market expectations.

The Cloud

At the center of every IoT solution sits the cloud. That’s why we use server-less cloud computing in all our IoT technology offerings. When selecting an IoT consulting company, the difference you’ll find between partners lies in whether or not they are equipped to offer a full stack of IoT consulting services, working both within the Cloud and at the digital edge. Some partner choose to specialize in a core area, like software development or device applications. We’ve outfitted our team to serve clients through every stage of IoT development. As a result, we ensure user interface, algorithmic performance, data translation and visual reporting all form a single, holistic experience informed by best practices in human-centered design. This approach helps us leverage efficiencies and maintain high performance. That’s why we’ve been invited to partner with clients across many markets, harnessing the power of the Cloud to delight all kinds of customers.

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