your digital transformation

As you move along the digital transformation continuum, Twisthink can help at the front end of creating your organization’s digital strategy all the way to full design and development of smart solutions.

Our capabilities bring a combination of big picture thinking, creative reimagining, and cutting edge technical expertise, all with the intention of leveling up your business.

We start with digital strategy before building a single thing.


Digital Strategy

Companies that succeed today are built on digital strategies that take an abundance of data, ideas, and possibilities and craft them into impactful plans for innovation and growth.

From focused strategic workshops to consistent innovation accelerators, we have a variety of offerings to fit your specific needs.

  • Focused, strategic workshops
  • Survey evolving opportunities
  • Innovation accelerators
  • Trend analysis to identify new opportunities
  • Tech scouting to stay current

Within Digital Strategy, we offer:

Innovation & Growth Strategy

Create continuous breakthrough innovation and clarity using opportunity roadmapping, tech scouting, visioning, and more.

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Digital Acceleration

Accelerate transformation through digital product portfolio planning that creates clarity, confidence, and shared vision.

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Visualizing a user’s journey often sparks a breakthrough


Digital Solutions

Successful digital solutions require a wide range of technical and design skills to go from concept to completion.

From user experience design to hardware + software development, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, we have the skills needed to design and build impactful connected solutions.
  • Human-centered design expertise
  • UX/UI design
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Cloud computing solutions
  • Edge device development
  • Web & Mobile app implementation

Within Digital Solutions, we offer:

Product Strategy

Before you invest in development, create clarity on what deserves to be built.

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Experience Design

Create human experiences that exceed expectations and design that delivers.

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Transform your business by providing connected solutions that outpace your competition.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Fulfill your product’s potential through AI opportunities where new data drives business value.

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Even the most analogue work can get a digital renewal

Our partnership with Amazon Web Services provides an array of cloud benefits.

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Auris, our IoT accelerator, helps you get connected to the cloud, gathering insights, and creating value smarter and faster.

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Open innovation meets human-centered design

Over our 20 years in the field of innovation, we’ve seen trends come and go.

We have developed our own method of innovation + design that is best described as a convergence of open innovation [reaching out beyond internal resources to bring the universe of innovation and expertise to our doorstep] + human-centered design [prioritizing, investigating, and championing the needs and behaviors of real people].

This comes to life in myriad ways for different industries, clients, and projects, but they all share the same dynamic, invigorating approach to complex market and human problems that move them from daunting, to exciting.

When we imagine beyond our constraints, we end up accomplishing remarkable, unexpected goals. When we put real people at the center of our process, we end up with meaningful solutions that go beyond simply addressing a pain point to have a meaningful, powerful impact.

Knowledge isn’t enough— innovation craves imagination

The convergence of disciplines makes our team unique + strong
Find focus in a noisy world


Our approach offers the best of both worlds by combining human-centered thinking and an open innovation mindset with agile development principles.

We intentionally think big, connect the dots to real human needs, and validate them through quick iterations, visual storytelling, and prototypes.

Our process is designed in a series of divergent and convergent thinking and activities that explore new bounds. We then come together to analyze learnings and insights that disrupt and remold strategies and solutions for the future.


“I truly appreciate how your team can lead us through a strategic innovation process and then ‘convert’ with solid product development support—having both skills on one team delivers great results!”

– Bruno B.

CEO + visionary for game- changing innovation monitoring app


Digital transformation,
with a twist.

Create unprecedented impact with Twisthink.
Join us at Twisthink on Thursday, June 20 from 3-5pm for an exciting cross-industry event! As we reflect on a year of tech innovation, 7 GR company leaders will share key insights, offering valuable perspectives on the progress of technology.